October in Québec City: Burning With Enthusiasm!

October 3, 2019 -
Le coffre aux trésors d'Hôtel Château Laurier Québec

Jardin Jeanne-d'Arc Ville de Québec. Courtoisie

Walks in Québec City are pleasant in all seasons: that’s what makes for its legendary charm! Autumn, however, has a special magic, while the plants are adorned with bright colours, decorating the old cobblestones with temporary frescoes. And as Halloween approaches, the city is particularly mischievous . . . We have prepared the following suggestions to make you want to discover or rediscover one of the most beautiful cities in America.

A Bewitched Village

For the first time this year, the beginning of autumn hosts a celebration dedicated to witchcraft! At the Fête des Sorciers, young and old will discover the clan to which they belong, learn to make magic objects to repel “The-one-called-the-Devil,” have intriguing encounters and listen to tall tales. A great opportunity to learn a little more about the fantastic world of Quebec sorcery! Wizard’s Day-which also welcomes “non-wizards”-will take control of the Esplanade Park, a few steps from Hôtel Château Laurier Québec, October 4, 5 and 6 between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Rediscover Québécois Traditions

Rendez-vous ès TRAD is back for a 29th year in a row! From October 10 to 14, this festival allows the public to enjoy and discover the diversity of a living heritage through music shows, learning workshops, many special activities and even a traditional Quebec dance evening. Most of the activities take place in the ancestral vaults of Maison Chevalier, in the beautiful Petit-Champlain district.

Speaking of traditions, did you know that it was in Québec City that beer was brewed for the very first time on this side of the Atlantic? Yes, the French who settled in Québec City at the beginning of the 17th century brought the knowledge they needed for brewing and the means to craft beer. Barley and hops were planted, copper mash tuns and brewing tools were imported from Europe . . . as for water, it was obviously not lacking! You can discover this rich history at Îlot des Palais: it is even possible to carry out virtual archaeological digs to trace the course of objects related to the brewing process and food consumption!

Foire Brassicole du quartier Saint-Sauveur, courtoisie

It is in the Oktoberfest tradition that the 2nd edition of the Foire brassicole of Quartier Saint-Sauveur will take place on October 5 and 6. For this celebration of the harvest season, Durocher Park will host a true brewing village with animation, music, savoury and sweet treats and, of course, 100% local beers! In addition, every Saturday in October, Broue-Tours allow you to explore Quebec’s brewing scene. The walking tour includes a visit to three microbreweries, where you will find nine tasting glasses accompanied by snacks and a host of interesting facts about beer and its history in Québec City.

To help you organize your visit, we offer the Brewing Package.

Pumpkin Hunt

The month of October is particularly conducive to picking the emblematic vegetable of the season: the pumpkin! Cultivated for centuries by the Native Americans, this giant squash of a beautiful bright orange is also highly appreciated for its decorative qualities and for its flesh, delicious in soups or cooked for dessert.

Ferme Bédard et Blouin, courtoisie.

Several producers in the Québec City region offer the opportunity to practice picking the pumpkin. The process is quite simple: in a beautiful autumnal setting, we walk in the fields, smelling the rich smell of earth and leaves, we fill our eyes with splendid panoramas . . . and we choose the happy choice!

For example, Ferme Bédard & Blouin, in the Beauport district, offers many pumpkins, squashes and other gourds. Open every day from September 20 to Halloween, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Ferme Guillaume Létourneau in Sainte-Famille (Île d’Orléans), and Ferme Arthur Cauchon in Château-Richer (Côte‑de‑Beaupré), are also open every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. They also have beautiful farmer’s baskets.

If you need to rent a car to get there, do not hesitate to come see us at the Concierge Desk.

To make it easy, the Grand Marché will make you happy.

As Halloween Approaches

Tour Martello – Plaines d’Abraham. CCNB, courtoisie

The greater region of Québec City is full of activities of all kinds to get in the mood for Halloween. On the Plains of Abraham, just minutes from Hôtel Château Laurier Québec, terrifying decorations and mysterious creatures await you! For several years now, the famous urban park has been adorned with mysterious attractions and entertainment of all kinds from early October until mid-November. With the colourful foliage of the park as backdrop, visit the fall garden, the haunted tower . . . or be surprised by one of the many activities offered on-site.

The Québec City Hall Gardens are also transformed into a remarkably decorated haunted place, with its beautifully carved pumpkins, horrifying scarecrows, cool mummies and colourful spiders.

Several tourism firms specialize in visits highlighting mysteries, ghosts, crimes and executions in Old Quebec. When night falls, Ghost Tours of Québec tell us stories of paranormal apparitions, enigmatic stories where history and legend intertwine. Promenades Fantômes bring to life the legends and superstitions of Québec’s popular tradition. Most of these tours are suitable for families, especially teenagers.

Visites fantômes de Québec, courtoisie.

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