Hotel Chateau Laurier Quebec makes the use of French language a commitment and a mark of respect for French-speaking communities in Quebec and for our distinguished guests. The introduction of this corporate signature makes the Hotel stand as one of the leaders contributing to the promotion of French culture.


On a daily basis

The staff at Hotel Chateau Laurier Quebec will greet you in many languages. However, French language will always be most prominent: the feeling of this language is everywhere in the establishment. To its Franco responsible identity fully endorse, the Hotel pays homage to the French language by featuring French music in the whole building. You can also admire the works of painters, poets, writers, singers, photographers and people of great minds expressing their art in French

Support for Quebec artists

Hotel Chateau Laurier Quebec is committed to highlighting the works and contributing in the promotion of French talent. This initiative enables the Hotel to support artists who express their art in a rich and diversify language.

Recognized for its contribution to the promotion of French language, Hotel Chateau Laurier Quebec was awarded the Prix Mérite du français au travail dans la catégorie Langue du travail et du commerce – Entreprise (Meritorious Achievement Award for French in the Workplace and Business – Companies).