Creative ideas for a personalized stay

August 3, 2018 -
Le coffre aux trésors d'Hôtel Château Laurier Québec

There’s nothing like a warm, friendly welcome when traveling abroad. Especially when you factor in the cultural gap, time difference, and fatigue from hours spent in the airport and on the plane.

With this in mind, we set out to get a clearer idea of the expectations of the various clienteles staying at our hotel. Regardless of where our guests are from, we want them to feel at home in a place far from home. That’s why we’re proud of the care and attention we offer. Here are a few examples of our services:

1. A personalized welcome

For us, a proper welcome is a crucial part of every guest’s stay. That’s why Roxanne, our Tour and Travel Coordinator, welcomes all groups that arrive at Hôtel Château Laurier Québec. When she isn’t there, the assistant manager on duty is happy to introduce new guests to the hotel and present the facilities and services available to them during their stay.

Our Asian visitors (Japanese, Chinese, and Korean) receive a welcome letter in their language. The reception process is efficient and friendly, so they can quickly take possession of their rooms. Once there, they will find small gifts personalized to their needs, such as green tea, ramen noodles, and a welcome card in Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean.

Our communications with our Chinese clienteles have come a long way. The translation of our Website into Mandarin and our presence on WeChat and Weibo―two of the most popular social media platforms in China―have helped us reach Chinese travelers more effectively. We also want to help them discover our city and the local sites likely to appeal to them most. To that end, our Chinese partner Shaoyu, who fell in love with Québec City when she moved here five years ago, will be writing a blog in Mandarin. Shaoyu will be very involved in content selection and will make her own recommendations to ensure the blog meets the expectations of our Chinese visitors.


2. Cuisine to suit a variety of tastes

We know that tasting local specialties is one of the joys of travel. And we’re proud to meet our guests’ needs, thanks to the George V Banquet and Catering Services team, which is well known for its quality cuisine, original presentations, and offerings tailored to clients’ needs. George V makes sure guests start the day off on a positive note with the opportunity to sample Québec specialties for breakfast. As for guests who like to keep some familiar habits when they travel, George V also offers meals adapted to their home country customs. Whether they prefer shiitake and green onion miso soup, rice porridge, toasted baguette with homemade jam, scrambled eggs with sausages and hash browns, or baked beans with Bergeron cheese―we have it all! All you need to do is ask.

For regular lunches and dinners, our Chef is attentive to the characteristics of our clients’ native cuisine and goes out of his way to add a personal touch that always elicits a smile from guests. It’s our way of showing cultural sensitivity while at the same time giving visitors the opportunity to taste local flavors.

3. Thematic evenings that are all the rage

Guests can take the gourmet experience up a notch with our thematic dinner events. Each of these thematic nights offers a menu and entertainment inspired by the chosen theme.

Whereas some offerings are tailored to the provenance of visitors, our theme nights allow them to learn a little more about Québec culture in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Spicy British humor nicely completes our cranberry-themed meal, a favorite with French visitors. For history buffs, who better than Samuel de Champlain (the founder of Québec City) to share stories about life in New France? And for those who want a bit more action, our Céline Dion impersonator shows guests a great time with performances of the singer’s biggest hits. This option is always a huge hit with Asian guests, who adore the international star from Québec.

As you can tell, everything from pre-trip communications and meal planning to the way we greet and guide our international guests from curbside to their rooms is carefully planned to add a personal touch to their visit. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us what we can do for you to offer your clients a pleasant, memorable stay.


My daughter is working at the Québec Public Market all summer! It gave me an excuse to go back there recently. I had somewhat forgotten its nice atmosphere and energy.

Located in the heart of the Old Port near the marina, the site is easily accessible on foot. It attracts both Québec City residents, who stop by for seasonal fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs, and visitors, who find a wide range of local and regional products to sample on site or take home with them. Whether you’re looking for cheeses, deli products, bread and pastries, jam, beverages, or other delicacies, the producers on site happily answer questions and provide tips on how to use their products.

The Québec Public Market is also a great place to relax and mix and mingle with people from all over the world and all walks of life―even well-known members of Québec’s artistic community who can be regularly spotted taking a stroll. It’s a must for anyone who wants to get a taste of the everyday lives of Québec City residents—and enjoy a special treat or two.

On behalf of the Hôtel Château Laurier Québec staff and myself, I wish you a great stay filled with great discoveries here in Québec City. And don’t forget to mention to the group leaders staying at our hotel that they should come and see me when they arrive: I have a gift for them!