COVID-19 Standards

Your health and safety are our top priority, just like our employees’ health and safety. We have implemented new hygiene standards to provide an environment that exceeds government requirements and complies with our quality standards in regard to your comfort during your future stays with us.

Below are the changes implemented in our establishment:

  • Many hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed in public spaces of the hotel and in front of each elevator door.
  • The valet and luggage handling service has been temporarily suspended to minimize contact.
  • The Concierge Desk is temporarily closed.
  • Countertop safety shields have been installed at the reception and concierge desks to ensure a greater protection to guests and staff.
  • Paperless, contactless registration will be implemented.
  • The devices used during registration and payment are disinfected after each use with a cleaning product approved by Health Canada.
  • The signage has been improved to remind guests to comply with the 2-meter social distancing measure.
  • The occupants of the same room must reside at the same address.
  • For packages including breakfast, it will be served in the form of a take-out box.
  • Room service in not available.
  • There is no cleaning of the room for stays of less than 3 days.
  • The guest shall contact the reception desk staff to make an appointment for when the room will be unoccupied and ready for cleaning.
  • Items shall be placed on a cart in front of the room door for the guest to pick them up, in order to minimize contact with the room service staff.
  • The laying out of beds has been modified to ensure maximum hygiene.
  • Speedy departures are encouraged to minimize contact between guests and employees.
  • The cleaning of public spaces and elevators of the hotel is performed more often to ensure an optimal sanitation.
  • The hotel’s ventilation system has been cleaned and disinfected to improve air quality.
  • Hand sanitizer is made available in every room for use during the stay.
  • Disposable masks are available upon request at the reception desk ($).
  • UVC light technology and an electrostatic spray device are used to improve sanitation.
  • Individually wrapped disposable drinking cups are available in the rooms for coffee and water. For environmental purposes, this procedure is only implemented for a limited time. We will give priority to reusable cups and glasses as soon as practicable.
  • Disposable cosmetic products have been removed from rooms and are now available upon request at the reception desk (e.g., cotton swabs, shower caps, make-up remover, etc.).
  • Office supplies such as pencils and notepads are available upon request at the reception desk.
  • Bathrobes and extra blankets are in a protective cover. For environmental purposes, this procedure is only implemented for a limited time.
  • The pool is open (reservation requested upon registration on arrival day).
  • The exercise room is open (reservation requested upon registration on arrival day).
  • The spas and the sauna are opened.
  • Wearing a face cover (mask) is mandatory in public areas of the hotel.

All our employees have been informed and trained to strengthen hygiene measures such as:

  • The frequent and appropriate washing of the hands
  • Wearing of a mask at all times
  • Compliance with respiratory etiquette by avoiding touching one’s eyes, nose and mouth
  • Awareness about avoiding handshakes and hugs
  • The non-use of elevators when guests use them.

Please note that we are working closely with our partners and vendors to make sure the services they provide comply with the new health and safety requirements. We look forward to welcoming you in complete safety!

Updated 2021-05-27